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Career Opportunities at Green Light Couriers

Want to work for a courier company that's not like the rest?

Then we want you!

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Current opportunities:

Situated in leafy Box Hill, Green Light is one of Melbourne's most-respected courier companies. You'll be working in a passionate team committed to building the first environmentally responsible courier company.

We consider our independant sub-contractors our most important asset, and we only work with the best. If that's you, then we want you to help take us forward as we 'go places'!

In order to convince you to play on our team, we know we need to show you why you'd want to work with us! Read on ...

Why Green Light Couriers is different:

  • You are truly valued and respected when you drive for Green Light - after all, you're the heart of our business! Many of our independant sub-contractors have been with us for over 20 years - and we think that record is one to be proud of. Our independant sub-contractors will continue to be the success of our company. We value them immensely.
  • Green Light independant sub-contractors earn good money. Because every courier company's pay structure is different, it's difficult to get definite statistics on this. Our independant sub-contractors tell us it's true!
  • We provide thorough induction, good training and ongoing support. During the training period, a fellow independant sub-contractor will be assigned as your 'mentor', to assist with any questions and concerns you may have. We also provide for ongoing communication with your manager, giving you a chance to share any problems, opportunities and ideas. And of course, you'll be integrated into our supportive network of fellow independant sub-contractors, managers, business owners and office employees (who are always quick with a smile and, on extra good days, responsible for the home baking to be found in our kitchen!). After all, your success in becoming a happy, secure, long-term independant sub-contractor is also our success!
  • There are no set-up costs, no admin costs, no hidden costs for our independant sub-contractors. All you'll really need is your own vehicle, any size from bicycle to large commercial - although We do recommend being armed with an e-TAG and a Melways. Other than that, we supply everything you need, including a radio and a comfortable uniform (conditions apply).
  • We're growing fast, which is great news for our independant sub-contractors and our team. We are so busy that our independant sub-contractors don't sit around with no work to do - in fact, our current fleet is flat-out which is why we're recruiting now! Further, our open-channel despatch radio ensures that everyone hears everything, meaning that everyone gets a fair go.
  • Understanding that the courier industry inherently harms the environment, we are Melbourne's first courier company to make a public commitment to 'going green' and being part of the solution, rather than part of the problem - click here to see the changes we've introduced.
  • It's our belief that the 'work'place should also be a fun environment. We hold regular social events, and keep all staff in the loop with our regular staff newsletter, which also features competitions and give-aways.


Job description, requirements and expectations

So, you'll want to know what your life will be like if you take this job! Let us paint a picture:

Independant Sub-Contractor: Envisage an 8-8.30am start, from home, to approximately 5.30pm. Sometimes you'll finish a bit earlier, and sometimes a bit later, depending on the routes, but despatch will endeavour to have you finish your day in your own suburb or nearby. The job is primarily Monday-Friday; we have very little weekend work, but when we do, weekend jobs are shared around the fleet. It is not compulsory to say yes to a weekend job.

If you require time off, all we ask is that you give us a full week's notice, to help us with our planning (and out of respect for the team-mates who will potentially cover you). That way, we make sure we're prepared and can continue to deliver the reliable service we're known for.

Our independant sub-contractors assure us that Green Light independant sub-contractors earn good money. In the commission structure, you are rewarded for your efforts. Our independant sub-contractors tell us that the best in the industry prefer not to work on hourly rates, because then their earning potential is restricted. When a independant sub-contractor is particularly good, we believe he or she should be appropriately rewarded. It's a fair system that honours skill, initiative, brains, and commitment. As a general guide:

  • A good full-time independant sub-contractor averages about $1000 income per average week. Those earnings may rise to $1400 or $1500 for great independant sub-contractors in bigger (1 or 2 tonne) commercial vehicles.
  • Generally, the bigger your vehicle, the better your earning potential - but having said that, some of our top earners drive sedans, they just happen to be efficient operators and excellent couriers!



For successfully navigating the streets of Melbourne:

  • Own vehicle, must be in good condition and presentable. We prefer LPG, white, post 2000 - but do not insist.
  • An up-to-date Melways.
  • A CityLink e-TAG - highly recommended!


  • An ABN
  • Most of our independant sub-contractors choose to register for GST, meaning they can claim tax deductions on their business expenses. It is not compulsory (some independant sub-contractors hate paperwork so much they choose not to!) and can be done at any point in your contract.
  • You must tell your insurance company that you use your vehicle for business purposes.



At Green Light, we're committed to providing our clients with the highest possible level of customer service. This involves:

Being courteous
Being punctual
Being friendly and open
Being reliable
Presenting yourself professionally

Within these standards, we encourage you to let your personality shine through! You'd be amazed at how a little of your friendliness and flair can brighten up the working day of the clients you visit.

As a representative of Green Light, we ask that you're willing to conduct yourself under our system of values:


Finally, out of respect to your fellow independant sub-contractors, team-members and Green Light clients, we ask that you will be courteous and reliable with your roster commitments, and remind you to give a full week's notice if you require time off.

Meet us, learn about us, join us!

If you're interested in becoming an Independant Sub-Contractor, express your interest:

Ph 1300 653 303

Or, submit your resume directly to:

Green Light Couriers
862 Canterbury Road

When our management team selects you as one of the best of the best, we will be in touch to arrange an interview.