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Doing Good


Green Light Couriers is proud to be Melbourne's first and only courier company to make a public commitment to 'going green'. We take our environmental responsibilities so seriously that we have built an ongoing environmental evaluation process into our business model.

Green Light Couriers is now a member of Greenfleet which means that our entire fleet's carbon emmissions will be offset by projects that Greenfleet undertake on our behalf.

Letter welcoming Green Light Couriers to Greenfleet


Early in 2006, Green Light Couriers commissioned a Going Solar sustainability report to learn how to 'green' our offices. Following the report's recommendations we have:

  • Changed all our stationery to 100% recycled stock only. We also recycle all printer cartiridges
  • Eliminated all our old cleaning chemicals (including aerosols and non-biodegradable hand and dishwashing liquids) and replaced them with environmentally friendly Enjo cleaning products for the office - and for cleaning our hybrid courier
  • Lengthened our billing cycle to save on printing and paper
  • Introduced paper and co-mingled recycling in the office
  • Educated staff about our environmental policies, and introduced an environmental discussion as a permanent item on the agenda at each staff meeting
  • Changed to Fair-trade coffee in our kitchen

We are also in the process of reviewing other practices that may significantly decrease the negative impact that our company has on the environment. We will update this section of the website as further changes are made.

For more information about how Green Light Couriers keeps its Melbourne headquarters green, and for ideas about how you can improve your office's environmental management, please call us or visit our environmental consultant's website at


The transport industry damages the environment, and unfortunately it has been slow to address the problem. At Green Light Couriers, we want to be part of the solution. We are currently researching a range of options for improving the environmental impact of our fleet.

Green Light Couriers has introduced a policy of engaging independant sub-contractors with vehicles that run on LPG wherever possible. Such vehicles provide a 15% reduction in carbon emissions compared to standard fuel emissions - a significant environmental benefit. At present, 44% of our fleet runs on LPG, which results in an 18.7-tonne reduction in carbon dioxide emissions per annum.

Click here (PDF 100Kb) to find out more about the environmental impact of various fuel types.

We are proud to be Melbourne's first courier company to offset our entire fleet's fuel emissions by becoming a member of the Greenfleet program. Read more about this fantastic initiative here.

Please visit our website again soon for further updates.